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Leadership courses are a step into the realm of the Professional diver. Whether assisting, leading or teaching, the rewards garnered from being in leadership are evident in the faces of the divers under your charge. Remember your favorite Divemaster, the one that helped you out the first time you put your wetsuit on backwards. Your favorite Assistant Instructor that demonstrated all the skills underwater time and time again until you saw all the little tricks that made it easy. And of course your favorite Instructor, the one that brought the wonderful underwater world to you. These leaders can be you!


This program is designed to introduce students to diving instruction basics. It also tests individuals in fundamental water skills needed to be capable assistants. Certification authorizes individuals to assist active-status instructors in the conduct of dive training. Assistant Instructor is a highly recommended step in the progression to Instructor. Estimated 13 hours of academics and 7 hours of water time required.  Must hold Master Scuba Diver and Scuba Rescue Diver or equivalent training and experience. Have a minimum of 50 logged open water scuba dives which must be varied in environment, depth and activities.
Recommend anyone considering this rating ensure they have good swimming skills and begin a personal swim training program. Contact us for information on the swim and skill qualifications.


The program is designed to train experienced and knowledgeable divers to organize and conduct enjoyable open water dives for certified divers. A Divemaster is qualified to assist an active-status instructor in diving courses. If all other prerequisites are met, a current Divemaster is qualified to enter a Instructor Training Course. The Divemaster is "the ultimate" logician in diving. This course has an estimated 20 hours of academics and minimum 10 water hours are required. (In addition, students may expect to spend time outside of class hours researching dives sites, organizing notes and generally preparing for dive briefings and activities.) Contact us for swim and skill qualifications.


Reef Encounters offers some of the most intensive and challenging Instructor Courses found anywhere in the world.  We consistently produce instructors that are not only highly skilled divers but are highly skilled instructors and managers.  Our instructor program includes training in teaching theory, operational management, regulator repair and more.  To successfully graduate your dive skills and knowledge must be top notch and the professional staff at Reef Encounters can get you there.  Contact us for more information.  All Instructor level courses are conducted in the NAUI training system, divemasters from all agencies are welcome to attend.  All graduates of Reef Encounters ITC program are certified to teach up through Divemaster, all basic specialties, First Aid and CPR.

Become a leader in dive training. Here's the opportunity to share the underwater world with those that have yet to venture below the surface. As an Instructor you will be responsible for teaching students how to be safe and confident divers. Help certified divers in their quest for continuing dive education through upper level courses and specialties. Best of all, help yourself to become a better educated, confident and resourceful diver. Contact us about our Instructor Internship Program and Instructor Development Package.

NAUI Instructor Training Courses and Instructor Cross Over Courses available upon request.


Already an instructor and looking to take the next step.  At Reef Encounters we can offer Instructor Trainer workshops and can assist with coordinating course director workshops for those that are qualified to attend.  Current instructors please contact us if you are interested in taking the next step in your diving career.  We also offer off site training for Instructor and Instructor Trainer courses and crossovers for facilities.  We can send our professional staff to you. 

Whats Hot!!!!!

Yonaguni Trips.

We are still setting up trips to Yonaguni to explore the monuments and great drift dives found there. You can contact our staff to book a det of dates or set up a custom tour. .

Get Certified at Reef Encounters!!

We are still offering certification classes weekly.  Advanced classes also go weekly.  Remember we have day, evening and weekend schedules available.  Classes can be taught in English or Japanese. 

Intro to Tech and the new NAUI Tech classes to include Technical Decompression Diver and Extreme Exposure Diver are also available monthly.

We are also headed back to Africa in August - so if you want to explore the wonders of Pemba and Zanzibar let us know. We can also arrange for a full blown land safari in Tanzania to see elephants, lions, rhino and more.



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