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Diving in Okinawa, Japan

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Okinawa, JAPAN
- A Diver's Tropical Paradise with World Class Reefs

Okinawa, Japan, Islands, Diving

Okinawa, Japan, MapOkinawa (Ryukyu Islands) is Japan's Southern Islands which keep attracting divers from all over the world, with its rich coral reefs, landscapes, variety of sea animals. The water temperature ranges between 20C to 30C (70-86 degrees!) - Okinawa is the only place in Japan where you can go diving in wetsuits all year around!

Thousands of reef fish can be seen in Okinawa's extraordinary reefs, a variety of unique Nudibranchs, colorful Sea Fans, a Blue Cave with beautiful sunshine coming through, schooling Hammerhead Sharks, Manta Rays, four kinds of Turtles, Wrecks from World War II, Dream Hole, underwater air domes, caves, Big Schools of Jacks, Underwater Ruins... these are the only part of the list that Okinawa offers. Don't miss diving in Okinawa, if you are visiting Japan!! (日本語ページはこちら

We are the only full service scuba diving center in Okinawa, Japan -catering to both English and Japanese speaking divers. In operation since 1996, we have been serving the dive community in southern Japan for over 13 Years. Come dive with us and experience the magic and beauty of the underwater world only to be found around Okinawa. We are also the recognized experts on diving the underwater monuments of Yonaguni!! Reef Encounters is also the only English speaking NAUI Instructor Training Facility in Japan.

Reef Encounters Dive Center is also a full service Technical Training Facility.  We offer training from Intro to Tech for begining tech divers to Technical Wreck Penetration for the experienced Tech Diver trying to expand his experience or training. Classes include:

  • Intro to Tech
  • Decompression Procedures
  • Helitrox and Heliair
  • Trimix Level I and II
  • Wreck Penetration and Technical Wreck Penetration                                                                                                             From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free."
    - Jacques Yves Cousteau -

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Okinawa Japan Diving Seasonal Specials

-Photo of the month-

                                                     Hammerheads 0f Yonaguni                                                            

Okinawa, Japan, Diving, Islands:: Daily Diving Trips - Kerama, Aguni, Chiibishi, and more...

Daily boat diving to the Kerama Islands and other locations. Also excellent beach diving is only 30 seconds away from our shop.

:: Scuba Diving School - From Open Water, to Technical Diving and Instructor Training Course

NAUI and PADI certification courses starting daily. All levels of diving education - open water, advanced, leadership and technical courses are available.

Introductory diving is available for those who want to explore the underwater world without needing certification. Intro diving can be conducted from boat or shore diving locations.

Underwater Ruins, Yonaguni, Catsle:: Diving Trips - Underwater Ruins in Yonaguni, and more...

Diving Excursions to the outer Ryukyu Islands - Ishigaki, Yonaguni, Miyako, and others can be arranged through us. Choose a location and we can set up a package including airfare, accomodation, diving, and meals. Discover new dive sites and relax in the laid back atmosphere of these isolated locations.

:: Gear Sales for Dedicated Divers

Scuba equipment sales, regulator and BCD servicing, and gear rental. Check out our online store to browse through all the dive equipment we have in stock and our monthly specials.

Come dive with us and join the Reef Encounters Team!



Diving News

-Technical Training from Intro to Tech to Trimix II now offered on our regular schedule!!

-Yonaguni Tours for 2012 coming soon.  Sharks and Ruins!!!

-Join our face page for more updates


Okinawa, Japan, Instructor training

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Weather in Okinawa, Japan



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This Section:
Whats Hot!!!!!

Yonaguni Trips.

We are still setting up trips to Yonaguni to explore the monuments and great drift dives found there. You can contact our staff to book a det of dates or set up a custom tour. .

Get Certified at Reef Encounters!!

We are still offering certification classes weekly.  Advanced classes also go weekly.  Remember we have day, evening and weekend schedules available.  Classes can be taught in English or Japanese. 

Intro to Tech and the new NAUI Tech classes to include Technical Decompression Diver and Extreme Exposure Diver are also available monthly.

We are also headed back to Africa in August - so if you want to explore the wonders of Pemba and Zanzibar let us know. We can also arrange for a full blown land safari in Tanzania to see elephants, lions, rhino and more.



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