Dive Reservation

Here are some hotels in the Chatan area.  Click on the Hotel name to check out their websites. Contact us if you need help with reservations.  We offer free pickup from all of these listed hotels.

Hamagawa Lodge Big rooms with kitchen and living room.  Large apartment style rooms for the price of an hotel. Great for  two people, large groups, and families. Contact us for reservations here- they do not have a web page.

Cat's Inn Chatan  A small family run hotel, 5 minute walk from the shop.  Really clean rooms, great facilities, and friendly staff.

Sunset America Located right on Sunabe Seawall, you can check out the ocean before getting wet with us!  New owners are updating and modernizing this seawall classic.  Rooms are clean and inexpensive. 10 minute walk to the shop.

Seaside Hotel The Beach  Located just a 5 minute walk from the shop.  Nice large rooms and an in-house restaurant and spa make this an ideal spot for relaxing after the dive.

Oceanfront Hotel/Beachside Condos:  2 seperate hotels run by the same company.  Oceanfront Hotel is a 5 minute walk from the shop- small, clean rooms. Beachside Condos are larger and located on Araha Beach about 10 minutes from the shop.  Larger rooms with multiple bedrooms and kitchen are available here also.

Vessel Hotel Campana:  A very nice and new, mid range hotel located in American Village just a 5 min drive or 20 minute walk from the shop.  Nice rooms, great ocean view, and lots of restaurants and shopping right out your front door.  



Whats Hot!!!!!

Yonaguni Trips.

We are still setting up trips to Yonaguni to explore the monuments and great drift dives found there. You can contact our staff to book a det of dates or set up a custom tour. .

Get Certified at Reef Encounters!!

We are still offering certification classes weekly.  Advanced classes also go weekly.  Remember we have day, evening and weekend schedules available.  Classes can be taught in English or Japanese. 

Intro to Tech and the new NAUI Tech classes to include Technical Decompression Diver and Extreme Exposure Diver are also available monthly.

We are also headed back to Africa in August - so if you want to explore the wonders of Pemba and Zanzibar let us know. We can also arrange for a full blown land safari in Tanzania to see elephants, lions, rhino and more.



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